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What is this all about?

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Saying what's important to us.

We've got a new council (Westmorland and Furness) and Alston Moor Area Planning Group are gathering information to help identify local issues and priorities. This is an excellent opportunity to let the local team know what’s most important to us. The questionnaire linked here is a tool that Westmorland and Furness themselves are using for their local priority setting work. The Alston Moor Area Planning Group hope that many local residents complete the questionnaire so that they can give a very clear message about our need for e.g. affordable housing (for rent and for buying), decent public transport, employment on Alston Moor and whatever else you might recognise as important to the future of our community.

Why should I do it?

We need as many local people as possible to complete this, so there is a clear message about our needs. Whatever YOU think is important must be included. There will be lots of different priorities and ideas - let's include everything. We won’t get everything we want – that’s life! – but we’ve got more of a chance if there’s obvious local interest and strong local priorites.

So, please, set aside some time - it does take a while to work through, but it will be so worthwhile if you can make your contribution to the community's efforts.


Make a difference

Filling this in online

Go to the form online. Click HERE

When you get to the form after clicking on the link above you DO NOT need to log in. Just start filling in the form.

You can take a look at the form lower down this page, so you get a chance to see what you have to do before filling it in.

We do suggest you keep an offline copy as with all internet forms they often mess up and we wouldn't want to lose your contribution.

Download a hard copy below

If you prefer to download it you can

Click to Download File
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If you prefer to fill this in by hand and can't download it here or have a printer, hard copies will be available at the Town Hall, TLC Hairdressers, the school, the Post Office and Nenthead Shop. Please return them to one of these place where they will be collected and added to the data collected on line. Thanks everyone.

Our Place - Alston Moor

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Our Place - Alston Moor